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Well, seeing as my server(s) are down, and you guys are like DEAD,… - World of Warcraft Screenshots! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Sep. 27th, 2007|11:49 am]
World of Warcraft Screenshots!
Well, seeing as my server(s) are down, and you guys are like DEAD, here's another helping from Kensington (very few and far between but OH so worth it <3)

First up, my mage :3

Cute, isn't she? :D
She's also fire spec with +700 spell damage :3

Quite a few screenies showing how beautiful this game is

Hanging out with a Paladin friend. The name is fititing :3

I swear, blizzard went out of its way with the Exodar

Da~ancing, yeah!

The next couple of screens are from ZG :3

My druid. Resto spec

Some new 'pants' I found.

Yes, we three manned Hakkar

The after party :3

Miner's paradise much?

In the Black Morass, a void started following a buddies Void Walker. Fitting :P

And for some reason, when we went into Hyjal...NOTHING spawned. It lead to some interesting conversations amongst my personal party (btw, we were in a raid, but we got ejected from it as we entered, you can imagine the rest of the raid when they noticed the top DPS rogue was gone xD)

I quite often sneak into raids to just stare at bosses > 3>

The next couple of screens are tours of the Tempest Keep Eye and the Black Temple

My raid-mates bet me 5k I'd aggro and die. They were wrong.

Sneaking up on Kael'Thas

And now for the Black Temple

You begin in the sewers

Very dank, very annoying

Hello first boss!

After you beat Najentus, you head up a pipe, which is actually a lot cooler than it seems.

Onto a battlefield. This is just one of the many you will face.

See what I mean? They have 650K+ HP each. To put that in perspective, Hakkar has 725k

My you're a tall one! Supremus. 1 million+ hp

After defeating Supremus, you enter the temple itself. This is the first thing you see.

This place is called the 'Den of Mortal Pleasures'. You see this after defeating Gurtogg Bloodboil and a few other bosses. This is about half way through (skipped Gurtogg and others cause its more of the same)

Its a good thing Kurai is wearing a blindfold, thus is not distracted by such petty things :3

I want to point out how BEAUTIFUL this place is, even though its very dark and disturbing. Its a VERY nice psychological clash.

Illdari Council? Well I didn't vote for you.

Again, this place is GORGEOUS.

The council are the final bosses before Illidan (they have close to a million HP each). As you ascend the stairs, you see the open sky, and these.

Illidan himself. Easily the most difficult fight Blizzard has EVER come up with. Nefarian had 2.1 million hp. Kel Thuzad had just shy of 3 million. Illidan has 5.1 million. AND he transforms.

But he won't live forever...

But seriously, yeah, we've downed him quite a few times, and yes I have the blades :3

My blood elf rogue :3 I've cleared BT with him too.

Dressing up for the giuld new recruit interviews (I'm the guild founder)

A~and...drunk in Terokkar.

Yes, I play a private server, but it IS a blizzlike :D

That should tide you over for a good long while. Post some screenshots damn it :

From: raf37
2007-09-28 04:26 pm (UTC)
Wow these are great! I love that druid gear and I'm itching to turn in your quest in that one shot. :P

I'm glad you posted detailed screenies of BT...I've been wondering about what it looks like in there.

I have a TON of screenshots. I still take them. I just don't post em. But that goes the same for real life pictures that I need to send to friends/family.

I've got a lot to do on my list. WoW COMES FIRST! LOL
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